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Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!

Week 7
This is going to be an interesting week. We may have snow! Please remember to dress your child in layers as our classroom is very hot and we will be going outside as often as we can. Send an extra pair of socks in case there are wet feet. If your child is wearing winter boots to school please send shoes as well. My plan is to store the boots in the hall and have students go one or two at a time to change into them. Shoes will be kept at their desk. I will ask for clarification for the rest of the winter clothing. We will have to keep clothing separated but we also will need it to dry and will not want wet clothing in the classroom. 
On Friday I will be doing some fun Hallowe'en themed activities. We are not allowed to have a traditional party with snacks this year due to health and safety regulations. Students are allowed to wear costumes but must wear their proper mask at all times. No weapons and costumes must be movement safe. Please remember we will be going outside as often as possible.

Meet the Teacher will be happening this week. It will be done virtually on Google Meet. I will be sending out an invitation today with a link to the meeting. We will all be meeting on Tuesday at 4pm. This is not an interview session, it is a time where I will be showing you some of what we have been learning as a class. If you are unable to make the meet and would like to speak with me at a different time, please send me an email and I will see what we can arrange. My email is

Language:  Last week I made a last-minute change to the reading plans. We read a poem called Little Bat and completed some different language activities about the poem. I really liked the format of this reading passage as it included both comprehension activities and word work. This week we will be completing another similar nonfiction text on Bats. I will be using this as a warm-up to the final project in our science unit on Habitats.
In writing we completed the published copy of the I AM poems we wrote earlier in the year. This week in the theme of the season we will be writing I AM a Monster poems. Students will be writing from the viewpoint of a monster they have created.

Math:  This week we will be learning about the properties of a rectangle. Students will be learning to define and identify perpendicular lines, parallel lines, lines of symmetry and right angles. We will also be working on strategies for subtracting larger numbers involving regrouping. I am currently following the Scope and Sequence plan for math set out by the School Board. This means that very soon we will be starting multiplication and division. I will be teaching a lot of tricks, patterns and using a lot of games to make this as fun as possible for the students. The more they enjoy it the easier it will be to learn.

This week we will be learning more about the food web. Last week we learned about how pesticides used by farmers to protect crops from bugs travelled through the food chain to affect the peregrine falcons. This week we will be learning about Wolf Island and how the food web is balanced naturally in nature. I will also be starting students on their final research project! Each student will be selecting and researching an animal and its habitat! This project will be completed at school as we are unable to bring work back and forth this year.

We have finally be given the green light to use equipment during gym!! The equipment will be used by just our class and I will be sanitizing it after each use. This is opening up our class to a variety of new games including one touch and 4 square. I will also be able to start units on ball-handling skills.

Health: Working in nicely with our focus on science this week, we will continue to learn about what food choices are necessary for a happy healthy body.

Music The class has been working very hard on rhythm and beat over the last week. They are loving the body percussion activities we are doing.

Contact:  If you have any concerns or would like to meet with me, please call me at school or send me a note and we can arra
nge to speak at a time that is good for both.

If you leave a message for me on the phone system be aware that I will probably not return if until the following day. These messages come to me as an email and I can not listen to them from my computer at school as the speakers are not functioning. Also, we no longer have telephones with an outside line in the classrooms, this means I can only call on break if the phone in the office is not being utilized. That being said if it is an emergency please speak directly to Donna or Sandra in the office. 

The school number is (613)521-5922.
My email address is

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!
Peggy MacLeod 


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