Sunday, 11 October 2020


Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!

Week 5 
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a happy, healthy, safe and fun weekend. This weekend held a few events for me. My youngest son finally had his graduation ceremony on Friday. It was a long waited for quick socially distanced event. I also managed to get out during the nice weather and go on a hike in the woods with my dog, Mika.  We had a quiet at home Thanksgiving dinner, not our usual family get together but we still had a great time. 
Our class is expanding! This week we welcome back several students from the virtual classes. We are now operating at a very full capacity. I am not sure where I will fit these new desks but I will be redesigning the room to make it happen.
Some of our students are having difficulty keeping their masks on during class time. With recent increases in Covid cases in Ottawa, and the announcement of move back to stage 2 conditions it is very important that students not only wear their masks but wear them properly. Please ensure that your child has a properly fitting mask and discuss the importance of wearing masks properly with your child. I will be hitting hard on this all week.
Environment Canada is calling for rain all week. We will be going outside every day unless it is pouring hard. Please have your child prepared to go outside.
There are many absences in our class due to illness, please review the Ottawa Public Health Covid screening tool for children.



New policy and procedures:
As many students, classes and schools are having to isolate for extended periods of time, new procedures have been put in place by the School Board and Ministry. If your child is absent for more than 3 days, they will be required to continue to their learning online while absent. I will be placing work that we are completing in class on our Google classroom. Students will also be expected to attend lessons virtually. They will be sent Google meet invitations and will be expected to join lessons. Attending lessons will be very important for absent students. We have a full class and I am teaching two grades, there is little time available to go over missed lessons. This is different from the spring in that attendance is required and assignments on Google classroom must be completed by absent students. I will be sending out parents invitations to the Classroom so that you can monitor your child's progress and work completion. If there are changes to this new directive, I will let you know.


Language:  This week the grade 4s will be working on narratives. They will be learning to answer questions that require them to pull information from different parts of the text.

The grade 5s will be starting a four chapter mystery story called The Garage Sale Mystery. 

In grammar, we will be learning about proper and common nouns. 

Math:  This week we will be starting a new unit on patterning. This unit works well with the number work we have been doing. We will also be finishing up adding larger numbers and move to subtracting larger numbers. Grade 5s will be learning to add and subtract numbers with decimals.


Physical Education: This week we will be playing running games and relay races that use different body movements.

Grade 4s will be learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. They will also be learning about the food web.

Grade 5s will be learning about the Digestive System.

Health: This week we will be learning about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet and healthy food choices.

Music We will be starting rhythm and beat.

Contact:  If you have any concerns or would like to meet with me, please call me at school or send me a note and we can arra
nge to speak at a time that is good for both.

If you leave a message for me on the phone system be aware that I will probably not return if until the following day. These messages come to me as an email and I can not listen to them from my computer at school as the speakers are not functioning. Also, we no longer have telephones with an outside line in the classrooms, this means I can only call on break if the phone in the office is not being utilized. That being said if it is an emergency please speak directly to Donna or Sandra in the office. 

The school number is (613)521-5922.
My email address is

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!
Peggy MacLeod 


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