Sunday, 4 October 2020



Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!

Week 4  
  We had a very eventful week last week. There were a couple of indoor recesses and a false fire alarm. Although it was very rainy we managed to sneak in our Terry Fox run early in the week. We also doubled it as a nature walk to look at habitats. There are many absences in our class due to illness, please review the Ottawa Public Health Covid screening tool for children.

     This week is calling for cool rainy weather. Students will be going outside whenever possible, please dress your child accordingly. It is extremely hot in our classroom.  An indoor recess means that students have to remain at their desk, they are not permitted to walk around or do other activities that we would have in past years. If we have a week of rain please understand that your child has been seated at their desk for the entirety of the day, with the occasional 2 minute washroom break. They may be hyper, tired, frustrated or quiet when they return home. Please give them time to move and recharge.

Language:  This week the grade 4s will be starting to look at the parts of a narrative and will be learning to answer questions in full sentences using the words from the question. We will be focusing on Right There questions where the answers can be found directly in the text. 

The grade 5s will be starting their unit on Mystery stories. They will be reviewing the parts of a narrative and specifically the parts of a mystery story.

In grammar, we will be learning about proper and common nouns. 

Math:  This week we will be comparing and ordering numbers. We will also be working on mental math strategies to help when adding larger numbers. I am hoping to move onto subtraction by the end of the week.


Physical Education: This week we will be playing running games and relay races that use different body movements.


Grade 4s will continue to be learn about different behavioural and structural adaptations that different plants and animals have to help them survive in particular habitats.

Due to illness and injuries most grade 5s were absent this week. So will be starting to learn about the muscular system on Monday.

Contact:  If you have any concerns or would like to meet with me, please call me at school or send me a note and we can arra
fnge to speak at a time that is good for both.

If you leave a message for me on the phone system be aware that I will probably not return if until the following day. These messages come to me as an email and I can not listen to them from my computer at school as the speakers are not functioning. Also, we no longer have telephones with an outside line in the classrooms, this means I can only call on break if the phone in the office is not being utilized. That being said if it is an emergency please speak directly to Donna or Sandra in the office. 

The school number is (613)521-5922.
My email address is

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!
Peggy MacLeod 


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