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Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year!

Week 8
This is going to be a busy week as I am hoping to wrap up a couple of units we have been working on. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Hallowe'en! We had a few trick or treaters, who we knew personally. It was a busy weekend with lots of yard work on Saturday and a lot of indoor projects started on Sunday.

Language:  This week we will be working on learning to pull information from different parts of a text to answer questions. This skill will be helpful in the science we are working on this week.
In writing, we will be working on two things. First, we will be completing Peace Poems for Remembrance Day and we will also be working on researching and writing about an animal and its habitat. I am also hoping to slip in some fun animal writing activities if we have time. I am so impressed with the I AM A MONSTER poems the students did last week! They were fantastic!

We have started a new listening activity. I am playing a podcast for the students called Six Minutes. It is a science-fiction mystery story about a young girl named Holiday. The students are very excited about this story.

Math:  This week we will be focusing on subtraction for operational skills. We will be working with larger numbers that require students to regroup and borrow. 

In geometry, we will be learning about what an angle is and identifying angles as right angles, acute angles or obtuse angles.

Social Studies:
This week we will be starting to learn about Canada. We will start by looking at mapping.  

The class was so happy to finally be able to play games at gym with equipment. Last week we played a game called One Touch. The students often play this at recess and it becomes very competitive. Last week I taught everyone the game and we learned the proper rules and how to keep the game fair. This week we will be learning a new game called SPUD.

Health: Working in nicely with our focus on science this week, we will continue to learn about what food choices are necessary for a happy healthy body.

Music The class has been working very hard on rhythm and beat over the last week. They are loving the body percussion activities we are doing. 

Art: This week in Art we will be looking at colour and value. I am also hoping to have the students create a wreath for Remembrance day and some poppy themed painting.

Contact:  If you have any concerns or would like to meet with me, please call me at school or send me a note and we can arra
nge to speak at a time that is good for both.

If you leave a message for me on the phone system be aware that I will probably not return if until the following day. These messages come to me as an email and I can not listen to them from my computer at school as the speakers are not functioning. Also, we no longer have telephones with an outside line in the classrooms, this means I can only call on break if the phone in the office is not being utilized. That being said if it is an emergency please speak directly to Donna or Sandra in the office. 

The school number is (613)521-5922.
My email address is

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!
Peggy MacLeod 

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